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This is a conceptual design for the YMCA in North Shields.  The YMCA required a new reception area and new art rooms for their building.  The reception area also incorporates office space, cafe and seating.

I kept the design for the reception area very open plan with free standing offices amongst the general seating.  This gives a greater feeling of integration between the YMCA workers and service users.  The reception desk is constructed from Lego and Parapan and the building block theme is continued in the Quinze & Milan seating.

The seating for the cafe area takes the form of booths.

The art room contains lots of cupboard space.  The cupboard doors are custom made with triangles cut out for handles.  The work tables have a second table nested underneath which allows for more surface space if required and also offers a lower work height.

Modelled in Sketch Up

Rendered in Kerkythea

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