St Ann’s

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St Ann’s in Nottingham is a new community build which will house a library, doctors’ offices and other amenities.  For the purposes of this brief we were asked to design a small area as a conceptual piece.  I chose the children’s library.

The concept behind the design is to make visiting the library fun and exciting.  Libraries tend to be quite sombre places when you are a child and I wanted to create a playground with books, somewhere fun to explore yet still comfortable enough to read in.

The irregular shelves surround a low platform, accessible via ramps or a step.  The platform area houses beanbags on which to relax and read.  The shelves themselves are made from high gloss Formica, which is durable and easy to clean. The flooring is cushioned vinyl.  Printed on both the bookshelves and floor is a collage of Beano comics, which I chose specifically to appeal across the generations, having been a popular comic for several decades.

The chairs are ABChairs designed by Roeland Otten.


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