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The Unit sits on a 4.96m x 2.520m foundation.  The foundation itself is a low impact design by Housedeck.  The material used in its construction is a product called E-Crete by Zeobond, which performs in the same manner as concrete with the exclusion of Portland Cement, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

The foundation also includes, just below floor level, a Ground Heat Exchange system which draws the warmth from the surrounding land using water filled pipes, which is then transfered to the underfloor heating system in the unit.  This method renders further heating systems unnecessary.

The main loadbearing element of the unit comprises a frame made from three  200mm x 200mm air dried oak beams, joined to form the profile of the unit.  A frame is sited either side of the unit to support the wall cladding, whilst a third sits in the centre to add strength and support the glass.

The walls are clad with Finnish tongue and groove planks on both the interior and exterior.  This not only helps support the unit, but also helps with insulation.  The void between the interior and exterior walls is filled with wool, a natural, renewable and effective insulator.  The exterior planks are sealed to weatherproof them.

To minimise heat loss through the glass, the window units are triple glazed.  The glass itself is Switchable Glass by Duration Windows.  This glass is initially transparent, but when a low charge is applied to the glass (at the flick of a switch) it becomes opaque.

The bathroom contains a low water usage, dual flush toilet.  In addition to the low water consumption, the toilet will be flushed using grey water reclaimed from the sink and shower.  The sewage is flushed to a Reed Bed Sewage System which can be designed accommodate multiple units.  The bathroom fittings are by Porcelanosa.  The toilet and basin are from the Trebas I collection; the shower is the Palio and the taps are Irta.

The main feature of the bathroom is the underground view.  As the unit is part buried the user is able to see through large glass windows to the earth beyond and become one with nature.

The kitchen is bespoke from the G500 range by Porcelanosa.  The wood worksurface comprises a round sink and 2 ring halogen hob.

Access to the mezanine is via floating stairs with solid oak treds.  A low level double bed fits snugly in the space and the sleeper is prevented from falling by a glass panel.

The main living area is open to the kitchen and mezanine.  The glass front wall and vaulted glass ceiling give the area an airy and spacious feel.  It is furnished simply with two SMPR chairs from the Simplice collection by Antonio Citterio.

The glass of the front wall extends out from the unit bringing a 2m deck space from beneath the floor.  This is operated with a winch mechanism and glides on smooth runners, making operation light and simple.

Modelled in Sketch Up

Rendered in Kerkythea

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