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    ...is predominately for my Personal and Professional Development Module at University. It contains updates regarding my placements, interesting things I have learned/seen and anything else I think is relevant.

    Feel free to read it, I shall endeavour to include as much background information as I can in the hope that it makes some kind of sense.

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BBC – In pictures: Gary Nevilles flower house

BBC – In pictures: Gary Nevilles flower house. What a fabulous design.  I have always had a soft spot for underground houses.  This is not your typical footballer’s house.  Beautiful. Advertisements

Exciting Things and an Apology

Firstly, the apology.  I haven’t updated for a little while as I have been working on my final project and have been busy.  Also, to be frank, my head was a bit done in!  Anyway, I’m doing it now… So, what about the exciting thing?  Well, I had my interview for the third year Creative … Continue reading

YouTube – Cat-Library™

YouTube – Cat-Library™.   This is both simple and beautiful…as things should be.  My cats would love this.  I’m a little envious that I didn’t think of it…

Catworks Modern Cat Furniture

Look at these fab letter shaped cat things… I’m part glad and part sad to see this…glad because I got the link through Design Milk….I have been arguing that cat furniture was trendy and viable for some time now…but a little sad because I had thought of something fairly similar….I’d better hurry up designing these … Continue reading

George Bond Seminar

Last Friday (25th February) George Bond gave an informal presentation to my course.  I had never met him before but had looked through his site to see his designs and read a little about him. The presentation focused partly on talking us through the challenges and decisions that had to be made throughout the projects … Continue reading

Logo, Portfolio and CV

I have been thinking for some time about creating a pdf portfolio and cv.  Neil Wilson mentioned it to me while I was there and he showed me some that had been emailed to him by students.  When applying for placements I had been sending a covering email which contained a link to this site … Continue reading

BBC News – Gateshead church to become arts base

  This is a really interesting story…you should read it… BBC News – Gateshead church to become arts base.

Tyne Tower Demonition

      My final major project is coming up soon.  I had planned to refit and remodel the Tyne Tower for the project.  I, strangely, really like this building – although I’m not usually a fan of this 60’s brutalist architecture, I was overjoyed to see the car park and Trinity Square come down. … Continue reading

Canterbury Cathedral unveils Gormley sculpture

Anthony Gormley’s new sculpture.  I’m just mentioning it as I saw Domain Fields at the Baltic a few years ago and it completely took my breath away.  I’m not sure you can really get the feeling from a photo; you kind of have to experience it.  Anyway, here it is.  Beautiful.  I love his work. … Continue reading

Dezeen » Blog Archive » Dancing Squares by Nendo

I don’t usually repost from Dezeen otherwise I would be on all day.  However, I simply had to repost Dancing Squares by Nendo, firstly because they remind me a lot of my own Tectonic Shelving System, and secondly because they are so completely beautiful.  They encompass many of my favourite things in design, they are … Continue reading