Where to begin?…

Firstly, let me clarify the ‘mature student’ that I referred to on the home page.  I am 38 years old at the time of writing, which I think is fairly mature for a student in anyone’s book.  I have a partner and am mother to a boy of 16.

I returned to education at 36, having had a series of part time, unskilled jobs.  I felt that with over 20 years of work left in me I should be pursuing a career that I enjoyed and which made most use of my skills and abilities.  I initially enrolled on a 2 year diploma in Interactive Media at Newcastle College.  I completed the course in 2009 with a triple distinction.

The diploma taught me a wide range of design and computer skills.  We covered areas such as web design, graphics, 3D modelling, animation, photography and film making.  Although I loved all aspects of the diploma, when it came to specialise and choose my degree it was my love for environmental and architectural modelling which led me to be recommended on to my current course.  I had been creating houses and furniture as 3D models for some time for an online community and, not only do I enjoy it, it turns out that I am pretty good at it too!

My design skills are being finely tuned on the Foundation Degree.  I have learned a whole new set of skills including perspective drawing, Autocad, card modelling, presentation and budgets.  Alongside the aesthetics of interior design, we also investigate building regulations, ergonomics, materials and design history.

I have been an outstanding student throughout my time at the college.  This sounds like a bold statement to make, but I say it with confidence as not only have I been told so by my tutors, it is also reflected in my grades.  I have received the highest mark given for a module in recent memory (90%), and am also the only student to be sent on placement during their first year.

I am mature in my attitude as well as my years.  I am enthusiastic, dedicated, a quick learner and I have never missed a deadline.  It is also worth mentioning that I play guitar and make a mean cup of tea,

About This Site…

I feel the need to explain why I am using a free WordPress site.  I can create websites in Dreamweaver using html and css, and have previously had sites hosted at my own domain.  However, owing to some problems with my hosting (which I won’t bore you with), I have decided to try WordPress for free whilst I shop around for a new host.  I also have to admit that it is much quicker for me to update my portfolio this way than it is to maintain my own site.  I was also attracted by the blogging aspect of WordPress as, for part of my course, I have to keep a journal (online or otherwise). I had been using Posterous for this last year, but it is nice to have both my journal and portfolio in the same place.  I actually like WordPress so much that I am considering still using it when I get another domain.


Here is a list of programs that I can use.  When I say ‘use’ I do mean ‘use’ and not just ‘had a go of’.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Flash

Adobe InDesign

Google Sketch Up



Cinema 4D

Microsoft Office/Powerpoint

Plus a plethora of other programs too small to warrant listing.

If I don’t yet know how to use a program that I need, I can certainly learn.

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