Exciting Things and an Apology

Firstly, the apology.  I haven’t updated for a little while as I have been working on my final project and have been busy.  Also, to be frank, my head was a bit done in!  Anyway, I’m doing it now…

So, what about the exciting thing?  Well, I had my interview for the third year Creative Practice course on Wednesday and have had an offer today.  I’m very giddy.  That is what prompted me to update – I’m very proud of myself and want to tell everyone!  My proposal for the third year is to do with the cat products that I have been talking about, which I am still really excited about.

This year is very nearly finished now.  Just the final show presentation board to complete and PPD to hand in.  I can’t believe it – it has really flown over.  Final show is 6th June.  I shall be letting my hair down…


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