George Bond Seminar

Last Friday (25th February) George Bond gave an informal presentation to my course.  I had never met him before but had looked through his site to see his designs and read a little about him.

The presentation focused partly on talking us through the challenges and decisions that had to be made throughout the projects we were shown, and partly what was expected of a student.  George Bond stressed several times that a full degree and good grades were vital in this current economic environment.  He also suggested you have a lively and approachable personality (though I am not sure this is the kind of thing that can be taught or even altered).

He also explained to us that good record keeping and keeping notes on what a client has agreed to is vital.  Client’s lie, apparently, usually in order to obtain a discount on work completed.  Cynical though this sounds I well believe this as, during my limited experience in the industry, I have seen this in action.  George Bond is not the first person to mention this which leads me to believe that it is far more prevalent than you would expect.


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