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I have been thinking for some time about creating a pdf portfolio and cv.  Neil Wilson mentioned it to me while I was there and he showed me some that had been emailed to him by students.  When applying for placements I had been sending a covering email which contained a link to this site as it contains all my details and portfolio.  However, he assured me that a pdf version not only looks more professional but is also much more convenient for a prospective employer and because of this I am much more likely to be considered with a portfolio in pdf format.

What has been holding me back from creating one is that I really need some sort of logo.  This has given me some problems as firstly, I wasn’t sure whether to use my own name or create a company name, and secondly, I’m not sure what to describe myself as.

We had a really interesting talk by the course leader of creative advertising the other day on this very subject.  He told us not to invent a company name as this gives the wrong impression when you are looking for employment.  It is you personally that an employer is interested in, not a fictitious company.  That’s that problem solved.

As to what to promote myself as, well, here is my dilemma: I am not comfortable describing myself as an Interior Architect, even though that is what I am studying.  The main reason for this is I don’t feel I have enough experience to ‘go it alone’ and don’t actually want to be responsible for entire projects, budgets and all.  I’m not really certain that I want to work full time for someone else either, though.  What I would be happy doing is some freelance modelling and rendering work which, in an ideal world, would bring in some money and allow me to pursue the cat products design that I am interested in.  Right, I am burbling now and I am even annoying myself.

What I should probably do is just be a student for the moment.  The intended audience for the cv/portfolio is people attending the final show, and they are expecting students.  I think I have completely over complicated the whole thing and I should just keep it simple.  I have been looking for inspiration on design of the cv and really liked two from www.smashingmagazine.com.


I liked this one as it felt friendly and personal



And I liked this as it is really bold and modern, yet still simple and readable



I shall have to work on this.  I daresay I shall be posting the results.


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