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I don’t usually repost from Dezeen otherwise I would be on all day.  However, I simply had to repost Dancing Squares by Nendo, firstly because they remind me a lot of my own Tectonic Shelving System, and secondly because they are so completely beautiful.  They encompass many of my favourite things in design, they are simple, primitive shapes with the smallest detail giving them a real twist and designer edge.  Shiny white too!  I bet they are well made too; objects that look simple have to be, with no decoration or other details to draw the eye.

There is another reason that I posted this.  I have been trying to convince myself (and others) that cat things are cool and designer, and I think that the concept drawings showing the motion and effect of cats supports my case.  People who have cats are smart as can be…I knew it.

You can get more information about the designs and Nendo from the link below.

Dezeen » Blog Archive » Dancing Squares by Nendo.


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