Talk for 1st Years

Simon (my tutor) asked me to give a little talk to his 1st years about my experience of the course and the things I have done.  I showed them this site as I recommend using WordPress, it works as both blog for PPD and a showcase for your work.  I also discussed my modelling, placements I have had and gave them some links to sites that have been really helpful to me (tutorial sites) and sites that are just really interesting and informative (Dezeen, Design Milk).  I also offered my services for tutorials on Sketchup and Kerkythea although, in hindsight, I’m not sure when I am going to have the time to do them.  As an update to one of my previous posts, I have been offered a placement at Neil Wilson Design, which I will be doing on the three days I am not at college.  I do hope to be able to fit in a bit of a lesson on modelling and rendering, I really enjoy it and want to pass that on to other people.

Anyway, I think they liked the presentation, they asked questions and we had a chat and, on the whole, I think it went rather well.


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