The Copenhagen Collection: Contemporary Cat Furniture from Designer Ree-Yong

I do like the design of this cat furniture.  My only problem with the idea is that there is a litter tray on the bottom of the stack.  I don;t think cats really want to sleep so close to their litter, but I guess you don’t actually have to use it as a litter tray.  The only other thing is that it isn’t scratch proof (faux leather), and I imagine it wouldn’t look this good for long.

Here is some information from the site of Ree-Yong

Stack this gorgeous trio on the floor and no one will be able to guess that it’s feline furniture. At the top, a storage box organizes kitty’s toys. Beneath it, a chic bed box comes fitted with a washable mock suede cushion. And on the bottom, an ingenious litter box is fitted with a disposable cardboard liner.


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