This is a fantastic modern piece of cat furniture.  I have pasted the description from  It’s translated from French so bear with it…

The Cubicat is both a stool, a cat tree with cushion, a scratching post, a center of activity … with areas for storing toys or food boxes for your cat.

Cubicat is:

  • Innovative: aesthetics, new forms and rounded, enlivened by a nice cushion, this cat tree is also a stool.
  • Practice: Your cat can sleep on it, will hide in and will do everything in its claws stretched out on parts of sisal.
  • Multifunctional: Cubicat provides storage for toys for your cat. It will also be a booster stool handy to use in any home.
  • Easy maintenance: the rigid part is surface washable, the cushion is machine washable at 30 °

Cubicat will have the pleasure of your cat sleeping on it … It can, hide in, clawing and cons … you can use Cubicat like a real stool around the house!


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