Hard Times

Well, it had been my intention to update this blog regularly.  I planned to keep up to date with what has been happening regarding work and placements but, most distressingly, my pc contracted some sort of virus and needed a hard drive replacing and windows reinstalling.  This has taken about a month (waiting for disks because I didn’t back it all up when I got it) and has been a lot harder than I thought.  I realize I am just bewailing my lot here but the crash has messed things up.  I have kept the people waiting who I was doing the web design for and, what is worse, the software I would have used it now not working and I don’t have back ups, so it seems I cannot do the site after all… unless a WordPress site is acceptable.

Anyway, that’s probably enough moaning for the now, how about something positive?  Well, I did, in July (13th and 14th) attend a workshop organised by Design Event.  I was invited by Dan as he thought it would be of interest to me, even though it was a workshop regarding products.  Aside by being blown away by some of the products people presented, I also felt both inspired and daunted by the whole product design area.  When we are designing at college, we seem to be able to get away with having some things unspecified or unpriced, but the workshop really brought home how you simply cannot do this in the ‘real world’.  The design, materials and manufacturing process all have to be thoroughly thought through as, fundamentally, you are paying for the products to be made and they need to be right otherwise you are firmly out of pocket.

As I said, I was really inspired, despite being a tad scared.  I will admit that I had been thinking for a little while about designing furniture and products for pets.  I have two cats and am a little disappointed with what is presently on offer in the way of smart furniture and products.  I have been getting some initial ideas down and, now I have the computer back, I can get on with some research.

I am also still on placement with Dan Civico.  We have been working on a new community building for Nottingham Council; specifically the reception areas.  I’m quite excited about this as, although the design isn’t wholly mine, I have had some input and am really looking forward to seeing the whole process from concept to completion.  I feel like I am learning a lot.

I think I’ll have to leave this post here for now otherwise it will become too long and dull for the reader.  I sincerely hope I will be able to update on a regular basis from now on…


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