What’s happening now?

Ok.  This first post is just to fill in some details as to what is happening in my little world at the moment.  I finished my 1st year of college in May and am now doing a few bits and pieces to further my learning and fill my time.

I am currently half way through creating a website for a bespoke kitchen company.  I have designed a logo for them and will be able to continue with the actual website design once I get given some images suitable for use on the site.  This is on hold until I get the images and information.

As mentioned in the ‘About’ section, I had a placement with an interior design company called Q Interiors.  They have contacted me recently to see if I could do some further work for them.  Whilst there I worked on a scheme for a care home which has now progressed, and they would like me to create some more scheme boards and some models and a walkthrough.  I had previously made some models and renders for the home.

I am also helping out one of my tutors, Dan Civico.  Well, I say helping out, I’m not sure how much help he actually needs, but he is letting me pick his brains…so I should say that he is helping me out really.  Although I will be assisting him in setting up online instructions for his ChairKIT.  I have had a look at doing an animation in Sketch Up for this although I think he is erring toward having static graphic instructions.

Right.  That’s where we are at the moment.  Stay tuned for further exciting adventures!


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